dsc02151 baixaBandasil S.L. was created in 2003, although it continues to follow the professional path that was initiated in the 80s by the founder, Mr. Jacint Bayó.

Our experience enables Bandasil to offer high quality products.

Bandasil really manufactures its products. We use material of the highest quality. Our knowledge enables us to carry out innovating processes which give rise to our invention patents.

In Bandasil we improve and innovate.

dsc_2171-baixaBandasil mainly offers its silicone products to two industrial sectors:

1. Industrial Laundries              2. Bakeries

Throughout recent years we have been able to supply to a large number of companies, of which some are relevantly important within their sectors and which have been able to test the improvements that our articles offer.

Although Bandasil also manufactures the conventional products of the sector, we would like you to confirm the advantages of our silicone articles, with respect to the current products on the market.


dsc02158 baixa ¿What are the reasons for our advantages?

Bandasil has improved the products usually found on the market.

Bandasil is dedicated to the manufacturing of silicone strips and textile articles. It is a question of the combination of silicones with fibres and fabrics of aramid fibres, acrylics, etc. This combination, together with the appropriate manufacturing processes, result in optimal products of the highest quality, especially valid for demanding work at elevated temperatures.

We fully guarantee high performance.